My Top Tips for the First 90 Days in a New Leadership Role

  Congratulations on your new role! So what now? It’s time to begin to prepare yourself for the new challenges ahead. Many organisations have an induction or onboarding process, particularly for key leadership roles. These vary from a quick tour and introduction to your colleagues to days or weeks of transition to ensure that you’re […]

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a few months ago


We each bring our own individual traits to a Coaching conversation. In my opinion, if your heart is involved, then you must truly love what you do. I know that I do. This article, posted by Coach Federation (02/10/2017), in the Coaching Tools Company Newsletter (Oct 2017), succinctly lists those traits found inside a coaches’ […]

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6 months ago

Stuck in an Unfulfilling Career?

Does this sound like you? The feeling of dread starts as early as Sunday afternoon when you begin thinking about work on Monday. Believe me; I know how this feels. I’ve been there! Monday rolls into Tuesday and Wednesday you begin looking forward to the weekend and your freedom for two days. Yes, that was me […]

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