About Dianne Rowe

Dianne Rowe

Dianne first became interested and trained as a Professional Coach and Mentor during her time as a Principal. With a Masters Degree in Educational Administration and Policy, Dianne’s successful career as an educational leader has spanned 17 years. 15 of those in Melbourne, Australia and the last two, as Lower School Principal of an International IB World School in Surrey, England.

During her time as Principal in the Victorian Education System, Dianne was awarded a number of grants to pursue international studies. As a recipient of a ‘High Performing Principal’ Grant, Dianne was able to investigate fast tracking options for talented and aspiring principals in the UK system. Other grants enabled Dianne to complete studies in New Zealand, Singapore and Thailand.

Dianne’s school was one of the first 18 schools to be accredited with an outstanding ‘Performance and Development Culture’ using Sergiovanni’s Model of Transformational Leadership. Her school was also one of a small handful of Victorian schools to introduce, and be accredited, as an International Baccalaureate (IB) school, delivered in parallel to State curriculum requirements.

After a major career change in 2009, Dianne left her career in education and joined Rowe & Co Recruitment to lead growth with strategic planning – focusing on new business development and marketing strategies.

Over time it was only natural that coaching became included as part of Dianne’s repertoire as a recruiter, so Global Coach for Engineers was created under the Rowe & Co umbrella - and Dianne hasn’t looked back since!

About Dianne Rowe Coaching

Dianne Rowe Coaching is based on a belief that everyone is capable of learning, developing themselves and to achieve a positive change. We know that you can achieve far more than you can imagine - in your career and in your life.

Through a tailored coaching partnership, we will work with you to reflect on your current situation, by clarifying your values, interests and passions. Will we help you create meaningful goals and explore your future options, discovering what makes a fulfilling career and life for you. Above all, Dianne Rowe Coaching will help bring about the positive change you’ve been looking for.

Our Coaches

May Ann Choo

May Ann has over a decade of experience working in the corporate world across different countries such as USA, Germany, Hong Kong and Malaysia. Upon graduating with a Bachelors in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from University of Arkansas, May Ann started her career as a Product Marketing Engineer with Texas Instrument and then later on with Silicon Laboratories and Siemens where part of her job scope is to train sales and distribution teams around the world. May Ann has also published technical articles, conducted seminars, chaired company conferences and managed media briefings.

After the birth of her second child, May Ann decided to take a break from the corporate world and stumbled into recruiting and coaching. It was a natural transition for May Ann who had often worked with various types of people in her corporate years. As she hunted for candidates for her clients, she realized that many candidates lacked the ability to present themselves confidently about their work experience and needed guidance.

May Ann began coaching candidates using her corporate experience across different cultures and her using her extensive linguistic knowledge. May Ann speaks 5 languages English, Bahasa, German, Mandarin and Cantonese which perfectly places her to connect with and accommodate the needs of different personalities in coaching situations.

May Ann coaches candidates on how to interviews well; from preparing the train of thought before and during interview, to holding a positive body language and speaking confidently and highlighting relevant information in an interview. May Ann has also given career advice and how-to-interview talks at University of Monash, Malaysia campus.

Our Coaching Philosophy

We are continuously surprised by the number of executives and leaders we work with who have far greater potential than they believe they do, or often give themselves credit for.

Dianne Rowe Coaching is based on a belief that everyone is capable of learning and developing, to achieve positive change.

Coaching is a partnership. We work with our clients to reveal their true potential in an existing career, their job search or in life. Through our guidance we will tackle any restraints or challenges inhibiting your progress and help you to move forward with an improved level of confidence and ability.

“It is one of the most powerful career development and life changing experiences.”
- Dianne Rowe

Coaching Options

Depending on your preferred level of investment and individual outcomes you’re striving for, we’ll develop a coaching strategy to meet your needs. Our team of coaches work to the highest professional standards and bring extensive expertise and experience to your coaching experience.

All coaching partnerships are virtual, except when working locally.

This has huge benefits and allows us to work across multiple time-zones and removes any travel time or expense. Virtual coaching has the benefit of experiencing intensive coaching in the comfort of your own home or workplace without distractions.

We offer you a totally bespoke coaching experience designed to meet your particular needs. Or you may want to select from one of our successful programs outlined here:

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